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Our Story

Company Cofounders – Dan & Robin Nichols

As the husband and wife team at Senior Tabs we PERSONALLY know and live the caretaker experience and have for nearly 20 years in varying degrees each and every day.

For us, our first experience with senior care started with my wife’s grandmother and grandfather. As they slipped our duties increased. Eventually grandpa died after several years of both cognitive and physical decline. Then my wife’s grandmother died in 2010 as we nursed her in her final couple of years – at first in her home then finally in ours. After her passing we had a couple of years with no senior care and then it happened. My wife’s father begin a cognitive decline in his early stages of dementia. It started with a couple of car accidents until we had to take the car and the license. It wasn’t right to have him out endangering the lives of others. It made our life hell for some time but that’s often the price you incur in doing the right thing. We had the foresight (not always that lucky) to move her parents closer to our home as we saw the writing on the wall. So moved them we did from North Troy back to their original home city of Royal Oak. (I’ve got mover referrals too) Without a car they of course became considerably more dependent on us. Over the course of the 2 years immediately following taking away gramps’ car, things got worse and fast. Finally after 2 full years of a lot of struggle we couldn’t contain him any longer. He was leaving at all hours of the night in search of his car. In late 2017 we put him in an assisted living home. This left grandma (we call them gram and gramps) without her partner of 70 years. They’d been together since they were 12 years of age. Grandma was now without the guy that handled getting the meals we pre-packed to the table. Somehow she’d lost the ability to think and do for herself. AND the beat goes on… So yeah, it’s pills, meds, crazy phone calls, food issues, doctors, diapers, caregivers, slips, phone and technology, microwave boil overs, bill paying, hygiene, did I mention doctors — the list goes on. We get it which is exactly why we can help. We have trained eyes. We’ve even developed a few efficiency hacks !!!

Dan & Robin Nichols

Royal Oak, MI
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