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Our Process

senior care process

I could go on and on with the what and how but it’s pretty simple.

1) We knock on the door.
2) We small talk for a few minutes. This is critically important because it gives us a gut level feel for how your loved one/s is/are doing.
3) We do our walk through with our agreed upon checklist. 99% of the time it’s going to be uneventful and that’s a good thing. We leave after about 15-20 minutes,
4) Upon entering our vehicle we make any special notes and send you an email with the now updated checklist. If you’ve opted for video  if a wireless signal is available we will send you a video per our conversation. If not you’ll have it within 24 hours. Remember ALL clients requesting video will need to send me the video release from your loved one in advance. I can’t just video without them having given prior consent. With that said the video will be from a phone draped around the neck. So, don’t expect Hollywood quality production. Though we’ve gotten approval to video I don’t hold it up like a film maker might. That’s too awkward for all parties involved. Better yet is you have me set up a Canary System in the main living areas to keep an eye on your seniors from anywhere your cell phone works. We discovered this to be an amazing time saver and it offers some peace of mind anytime you need it.

Dan & Robin Nichols

Royal Oak, MI
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