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Really, isn’t that what the money spent keeping a handle on your loved one is called? An investment. Money you spend to get the return of knowing someone’s got your back because you can’t be there. My wife and I hire a caregiver twice a week to come in and take care of her mom. We need the break once in a while – that’s a super investment.

NOTE: We are not medical professionals and other than reporting things that were noticeably different from one visit to the next, or some sort of really apparent mental or physical difference don’t expect we’ll have the chops to provide medical opinion. Call this a disclaimer because we are NOT professing to be expert medical eyes and ears.

Rates Below

Start Up & Concerns Consult $149
Paid once you decide you’d like to work with us AFTER OUR SALES CALL but prior to our initial consultation. We’ll email you an invoice payable online. This covers the time you and I spend (can take up to one hour) making sure the schedule and personalized checklist works for us both. We recognize some clients will require a few additional items from time to time added to their list. We also know that some clients like us to walk through more than once a week. Here we also determine whether or not you’ll want video as well from each visit. If you opt for video I’ll also have to set you up with free online access to the video files.
Start Up Fee: $149 (as of April 2021)

Weekly Visit Fee $65 (Without Video)
After the schedule and list is planned you will pay for the number of visit days remaining in the current month. We highly recommend you have us weekly but twice monthly is currently (while we launch) a possibility. Note: our work is always paid in advance and invoiced online. Failing to pay in advance each and every month means we don’t show up for your senior and our schedule gets thrown off considerably. We set up a recurring monthly payment so this does not happen. Having to hand collect from each client takes time away from our busy day and costs us money. Our emails will arrive in your inbox from seniortabs @ gmail.com
Weekly Investment (as of April 2021): $60

Weekly Visit Fee $85 (WITH Video)
Same process as above but you’ll have access after each visit to a newly deposited video file in your dropbox account. It costs more simply because uploading video takes us more time. YOU will have to set up a free dropbox account and grant us access to allow us to deposit your video each week. Our emails will arrive in your inbox from seniortabs @ gmail.com. To use the free Dropbox account go sign up and create a folder. Then send us an invite to “join the folder”– to seniortabs @ gmail.com (no spaces).
Weekly Investment (as of April 2021): $75

SKIPPING WEEKS: We create a weekly route. If we are called to “skip a week” it throws off our scheduling considerably. If you DO NEED to skip, we’d like 5 days notice. We get it… if your senior is out of town or at a family event etc. they may not be there but any more than two skips in a 4 month period and you’ll be given a choice to keep us on but pay for future misses or quit.

NOBODY IS HOME: If we arrive and nobody is home then of course the report is “no one was home” and you are still charged the weekly visit fee ($60) less the $15 video charge if you had opted for that.

NOTE: You can opt for video once a month or weekly. You’ll just need to let us know a few days in advance. We simply charge $20 extra for the addition.

Is this expensive? I had a plumber come to my house last month. He was here one hour and I paid him $150. The guy that cuts my lawn charges $25 and is here for 7 minutes. You’ve got to be ok with whether or not $275 a month (roughly the average 4.3 weeks in a month and 2 skipped weeks in a year) is worth it to you to get some regular updates on mom and or dad. Life isn’t cheap anymore, don’t know that it ever was. Having quality experienced people on payroll means they’ll demand a little more. As we grow this business, it’s what we’ll demand from those we employ to visit with your loved ones.