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We Keep Tabs On The People You Love

Because you can’t always be there.

Senior Tabs... Started by a husband & wife team in Royal Oak, MI who live elder care each and every day.

As the husband and wife team at Senior Tabs we PERSONALLY know and live the caretaker experience. Pills, meds, crazy phone calls, food issues, diapers, caregivers, slips and falls, phone and technology, hygiene — the list goes on. We get it. It’s exactly why we can help.


We always inspect a number of listed safety and “upkeep” items in addition to conversing with your loved one. The conversation is critical because it can be a cue as to whether or not mom and or dad are slipping visit to visit. We can also optionally provide a video of our scheduled walk throughs. Complete details here.


Our standard visits range from 20 to 30 minutes. Report and uploading afterward can take from 5-15 more minutes. It’s not a long time but our role is NOT extended senior care. It’s to be a set of responsible eyes and ears working to keep you informed each and every visit. We also make sure outside contractors (lawn care, plumbers etc.) you’ve hired are keeping up their end of the bargain. Complete details here.


Care is paramount to our success. It’s also why we aren’t trying to compete with a $20 an hour aide. Quality care comes not from a company mandate but from a quality individual. We don’t waste our time trying to be the WalMart of senior care. Though our main role is to report back to you how we think your loved one is doing on their own, we also recognize seniors get lonely and though it’s a short visit it can break up the day. It’s not outside the realm of our service to help your loved one by getting a box off a high shelf or moving a small table. Little things here and there that prideful seniors won’t ask family to do.
It feels good to know my grandmother is getting the extra attention. Like lots of us busy with our young children and jobs and house renovations and on it goes… I needed an extra set of eyes to help with my grandmother. I hired Dan before he officially kicked off Senior Tabs to give my wife and I some peace of mind. He doesn’t miss a thing. If it’s on his list you’ll know just how things are going. One last comment – I like that he videos stuff to bring it to our attention. He caught a roofing issue before it cost several thousand dollars to fix and a medication/subscription issue that could quite easily have become a big problem as well. Thanks Dan, I’m glad to have your boots on the ground.
Daniel Jenner

Hired Senior Tabs for my loved one.

I could make a bunch more up but that wouldn’t be right. This business is just getting started January/February 2021. I will though be happy to add you here in the near future.
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